Pele's gratitude

Publish date 27-09-2021

by Carlo Nesti

We come from a 2020 in which we mourned many former football champions, and in particular Diego Armando Maradona. For decades, it was debated whether the Argentine was the greatest, or the other myth of football: Edson Arantes do Nascimento, aka Pele. But for once, the grief for Diego's disappearance dulled comparisons. They were immense in different periods, and, after a few months, when he turned 80, compared to just 60 after Maradona's death, it was Pele's turn to return to the Italian limelight, in the Rai Due television program "Che tempo che fa" . A welcome revival, but also some "slips".

The presenter Fabio Fazio: "Is it true that his father Dondinho has always told him that life takes guts?". Perhaps assisted by an all too literal translation, Pele referred to the disintegrated liver of former comrade Garrincha, and replied: "You need a good liver especially for those who drink a lot, because, if it works badly, the heart is also affected." "Is it true that as a child he played with a ball of rags?" How did he manage to live in poverty? ». In reality, Pele did not grow up in a humble favela, but in the quiet town of Bauru, where his father Dondinho, in addition to being a decent footballer, worked as a clerk. "Your name is Edson, like Thomas Edison, perhaps because if the inventor hadn't brought the light, we wouldn't have seen Pele at work." Here too, the so-called "Black Pearl" has fallen into absolute cold, evidently, not understanding the suggestive, but daring parallelism. But, to warm up the conversation, the interlayer was enough, with which the champion recounted every happy moment: "Thank God". This is for the teaching of his father, who never suggested that he feel better than others, but a beauty instrument of the Lord, to be constantly thanked. "May the word of Christ dwell among you abundantly ... singing to God from the heart and with gratitude psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" (Col 3:16).



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Carlo Nesti

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