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Publish date 14-03-2021

by Corrado Avagnina

Someone pointed out that, in many TV commercials, the scenarios or formats are rather independent of the real context of months, now, with the mask, the spacing and the other anti-contagion measures . In short, in the world of promotions we would be in another ... world that still appears very far from what needs to be concretely implemented to keep Covid risk at bay.

But, perhaps, it is a matter for petty sociology which crosses with direct or subliminal media messages. Yet the observation calls into question a "normality" that no longer exists and is not there yet, and who knows how it will return. And perhaps it suggests an explicit reflection on what is happening to us now that something could loosen (hopefully) and that the vaccine is about to be available (but it will take months because we are all "covered"). It is the risk of letting our guard down, unknowingly or not. In the so-called last mile (if it is "last"). Maybe due to widespread fatigue or reckless superficiality. There is no need to talk about the contagion from denial. This bank disqualifies itself, full stop. Instead there is that somewhat gray area where everyone, with respect to the regulations to be observed, makes their own "do-it-yourself", perhaps driven by retro-thoughts such as "but it can't happen to someone like me" or «but in these trivial things nothing happens» or again «but who knows if they count it right?» ... and so on, giving up the rigor or adjusting it at one's convenience. Just when we see the threshold that hopefully liberating the vaccine. Instead, we need to double the belief that rules are indispensable, otherwise other waves will arrive around the corner, in the middle of winter, with presumably disastrous consequences.

It becomes essential to continue this tough game against the virus, with the few weapons available, which are precisely the restrictive measures and the well-known precautions. At stake is health, there is life, there is pain. Let's not forget the victims in distressing numbers. It is an urgent charity towards others and towards ourselves and our families. Give us a hand where it is possible, taking care of those who are more fragile and alone. We support healthcare personnel and all those who care for us, without sparing themselves. We do our part, so that he does not rush, as far as it depends on us. Then the public is expected to face the emergency, which weighs on people, in many ways. And the same politics must become a little "higher" than the crucial hour we are experiencing. A negative example of recent months: the incredible and unacceptable delay in the provision of anti-flu vaccines. Just as it is up to the public to provide concrete and immediate refreshments for those who are penalized in terms of work and income, due to everything that is prevented in this never-before-seen season. Around it, unprecedented "new poverties" are growing, with an anxiety that takes strong. Finally, the ability to accept responsibly the careful steps to be taken falls upon us. We will also be able to learn a lot from how we will be (or not) at the height of these crucial junctions, for everyone.

Corrado Avagnina
NP January 2021

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