Online theater

Publish date 10-09-2020

by Simona Carrera

After the announcement of the reopening of the theaters on June 15, institutions, companies and show business workers are organizing to raise the curtains in the summer season. Initially we will have to get used to a different use of spaces and shows, probably done with few performers and in outdoor arenas.

While waiting to return to our beloved theaters, the initiatives designed to keep alive the relationship between artists and spectators continue online: from #stranointerludio #laricetta of the Teatro Stabile di Torino to piccolo @ home, the schedule of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, to that of the Teatro di Roma #tdronline, at the season on the sofa of the Northeast theaters.

The proposals of the world of culture have multiplied on digital channels to accompany us until the moment when we all meet in the room: among these Theater on a line by the couple Cuocolo - Bosetti, a show about intimacy that takes place on the phone and in which the viewer becomes a participant in the work, in a "chamber dialogue" tailor-made for him.

Simona Carrera
NP June / July 2020

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