Publish date 30-07-2020

by Mauro Tabasso

I don't know what category you are in. Among those who work from home, those who go to work regularly, those who study online, those who enjoy this medical custody regime as best they can… I hope you are not among the sick! I am among those in smart working, and, to be honest, among those who would also like to continue. I'm working harder and better than when I was in the studio, with fewer distractions, more concentration, at the times I want. And I have to say I don't mind the feeling. The only drawback is that it is already difficult to explain what I do under normal conditions, imagine now; I pass for the divanista, the slacker, the "plendrùn" as they say in my house (it means couch potato, but in Piedmontese the term gives much more satisfaction).

Already my work (so me too) is essentially useless under normal conditions, imagine now. An ice cream man in the North Pole, a hot chocolate dealer in the middle of the desert, a potato farmer on a stony ground. Do you think of something more useless than a musician in a period of economic lean like this, when we are still locked in the house but we are already talking about recovery, monetary aid, boosting consumption and productivity? And assuming that some help arrives (I am optimistic), before the musicians help I double the quota 100. I am not a doctor, a nurse, a supermarket cashier, an Alpine, a civil protection officer, a truck driver who transports food and supplies good people. I don't even do a funeral home. There, sadly, I would be sadly and socially more useful. Even the cat who rubs herself on my legs to get the treats is more useful than me. With cats, essentially independent animals, the relationship is always do (little) ut des (a lot). I allow you to caress me just for your damn treats. I cannot be pampered by my wife even after I have changed 7 light bulbs, fixed 8 shelves, put 42 plugs (10 of which are chemical), unclogged the sink in the bathroom of the boys who have not been to the barber / hairdresser for two months (not even me, but no one notices this). But I'm not alone in feeling useless. I imagine that actors, writers, directors, show business workers in general feel a bit like me. But ... There is a but, there is almost always. If we are going through the quarantine more or less decently, don't we owe it a little to these people too? Imagine yourself locked in the house for two months without a book, a movie, a little music to comfort you.

It would be worse right? But much worse, do you agree? The useless work of these people (and I also put myself in the middle of it) is helping us to feel better among ourselves, to feel closer to others, to be more willing to live, less sad, even more in a good mood, and all this helps us to feel better, even in the body. So, I hope after all this period, when we only talk about recovery, that someone still remembers the superfluous work of so many people, who have continued to do what they do best, giving their small and useless contribution. The truth is that we are all useful and indispensable to each other. This pandemic, which rained down on the just and on the unjust, which hit without distinction, prime minister, actors, footballers, ordinary people and poor men, should serve as a lesson, make us understand that we all have a great need for each other. And it should also teach us to work with more respect for people and the environment (I don't know if you know, but in Turin the Po has become BLUE !!!). And we have a great need for beauty, inside and outside of us.

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