Publish date 13-05-2023

by Fabio Arduini

Sometimes a word comes from a question. "Is this or is that?"; with neutral the answer is «neither one nor the other». Abundantly populates Western languages, together with its derivatives: neutral is the most common. The world is full of neutral things, ideas, concepts, categories of thought. Yet so much pervasiveness could be just an appearance, the consequence of the limits of us human beings, for whom the neutral is basically convenient. We know that after a day of strong emotions, neutral tones are relaxing to look at.

Perhaps, however, the neutral has space because it is difficult to grasp the profound meaning of every aspect of reality. It took centuries to look inside the atom and discover what has been called the neutron, precisely something present yet still to be understood. The different quality of things, knowing how to distinguish and appreciate them, is a matter that engages. It requires to collect the legacy of the experiences that have preceded us, to have an inner life that gives space to one's experiences. Naming things. Curious that this exercise makes you capable of respect for those who see things differently. When "neutral" becomes synonymous with "what needs to be explored with sincerity and patience", peace is built.

Fabio Arduini
NP February 2023

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