Multiply the opportunities

Publish date 12-12-2021

by Mauro Palombo

«What is this for so many people?». A pertinent question, already asked at the time, in front of a few loaves and fish. The answer is difficult, at least in words, but there was one, without hesitation: "Give it yourself ...". Many times since then it has been the life answer for many for many; in a thousand ways, declining it according to the signs of the times, to broaden its already immense perspective.

In this time that has also been a "recovery" of the possibility of acting on a wider range, the initiatives to support the presence of our Georgian friends have been able to resume with renewed enthusiasm for those who still need it so much .

At the beginning of July, a first container of clothing, shoes, blankets, bags left for Georgia, which will turn into very useful resources with which to support the extensive home care program for more than two hundred elderly people who are not self-sufficient: operators, health personnel, drugs, heating ... Others for the same purpose will follow.
Now another one is in preparation, this time for a twofold need. The first is to be able to have help when winter begins to make itself felt and for the poor it will once again be an intense cold; therefore, food in quantity, sanitary and hygiene material, clothing against the cold. Not everything is resolved, but it is good to be prepared to face an announced emergency, which the winter weather makes extreme.
Even if experience suggests the opposite, it is difficult, however, to be able to consider it normal. Alongside help, we are working to implement initiatives that are a concrete example of the change we want.
As in the past, equipment for a tailoring laboratory will start, and a computer room to equip a secondary school with an indispensable training. Other school material can help those who have difficulty obtaining it: being excluded from school may have no remedy.
We are looking for shoe making machinery to renovate those of a laboratory in Tbilisi where a large group of disabled people carry out an appreciated and consolidated artisan production.
It is vital to multiply the opportunities for a stable job, for an income. Opportunities on which to build new lives, free from need.

At the moment, the project of our friend Father Witold Szulcynski, who also collaborates extensively with the Orthodox community, building bridges of friendship and trust that are each time stronger, is that of a small dairy. A few years ago we had the opportunity to collaborate to realize the prerequisites: a photovoltaic system was installed at the farm of a monastery to give electricity and power to milking machines, refrigerators, and more for the management of a modern stable. In agriculture there are good possibilities, which in this case give life to a community in the mountains.

The key to generating added value is the transformation of the product; in the case of milk, to pasteurize it, make yoghurt, cheeses: a tradition in Georgia, and therefore a good demand in the market. An additional photovoltaic system will produce the necessary power supply for premises and equipment. Also trusting in these to contribute, for example with a simple solution made of isothermal containers for the transport of products to the surrounding towns. Solutions all designed to structure a quality production but economically well sustainable in the local scenario.
Once again, produce to share!

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Mauro Palombo
NP August / September 2021

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