Magnify God

Publish date 09-03-2021

by Giuseppe Pollano

The Magnificat helps us to get close to Jesus in the right way with Mary. Words like those of the Magnificat we would not dare to say to everyone, and not even the pushed revolutionaries have expressed in so few words such a shocking historical program. When one begins to serve, one often ends up singing.

This is the sweet Madonna, the tender Mary, the sweet mother of God, but so intrepid, admirable, very strong, full of an impressive energy.

«Mary is deeply permeated by the spirit of the“ poor of Javhé ”, who in the prayer of the psalms awaited their salvation from God, placing all trust in him (cf. Ps 25; Ps 31; Ps 35; Ps 55). Indeed, Mary proclaims the advent of the mystery of salvation, the coming of the "Messiah of the poor" (Is 11,4; 61,1). Drawing from the heart of Mary, from the depth of her faith, expressed in the words of the Magnificat, the Church renews more and more in herself the awareness that the truth about God who saves cannot be separated, about God who is the source of every gift, from the manifestation of his preferential love for the poor and humble, which, sung in the Magnificat, is then found expressed in the words and deeds of Jesus "(Redemptoris Mater, 37).

Let us therefore identify ourselves with her, and ask, through her intercession, for her spirit of hers, in order to feel happier and more generous. It is very beautiful that we silently laughed for the people of God, to Jesus, the song of his mother.

Giuseppe Pollano

NP dicembre 2020

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