Levitation trains

Publish date 02-11-2021

by Stefano Ravizza

You know the Japanese magnetic levitation trains that reach very high speeds? In a few years they could also come to us.
A magnetic levitation train travels without touching the rails, the only force opposing its motion is the friction of the air so it can travel much faster than normal trains.

RFI together with the Polish-Swiss technology company Nevomo is studying the Magrail project which aims to superimpose magnetic levitation systems on the existing infrastructure.
From a technical point of view, Magrail should allow both conventional trains and new magnetic levitation vehicles to pass on the same line.

The new trainsets exploiting the new technology will benefit from an increase in speed which, according to the hypotheses under study, could reach up to 75% more than the current one, also avoiding significant interventions on the infrastructure.
A noticeable speed boost while we wait for Elon Musk's Hyperloop!

Stefano Ravizza
NP June / July 2021

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