Let's start from families

Publish date 19-06-2021

by Redazione Sermig

by Gigi De Palo
From the single check to the reform of the tax authorities. The proposals of the Family Associations Forum.
Adjusted unique and universal check for each child up to 21 years of age; IRPEF reform that finally takes and significantly account of family loads; Housing policies able to allow and facilitate access to the house of young people under the age of 35 who want to build a family; enhancement of parental leave and pregnancy allowances; costs for the assumption of workers with dependent children; and, again, concrete strengthening of harmonization policies between family life and working life; enhancement of educational and guidance policies for younger generations; Substantial support to the network of family consultants, both public and private social. There are all these issues among the main urgencies that the first health crisis and then economic imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic has placed and will impose to our country, from today and for the next 20-30 years.
As a family associations forum we are convinced that the national recovery and resilience plan (PNRR), built on the basis of the possibilities offered by the European Recovery Plan, is a unique opportunity in the history of our country to be able to re-launch the entire economic system and social. An unrepeatable possibility to restart Italy. And do it under multiple aspects: from the economy to infrastructure, from health to the system of education and training, from social security to the family. For this reason, we are of the opinion that the funds of the PNRR should be used effectively and structured, do not disperse in many parcellized, partial or non-priority interventions. The Italian economy in its entirety is at risk and, with it, the estate of social cohesion.
Whereas the families were the supporting fulcrum, what supported the country is in the 2008 economic crisis and in the current pandemic - providing indispensable and irreplaceable services in terms of social seal, of assistance to the latest, inclusion, savings, of expenditure, work, but also at educational level and acting as an indispensable social shock absorber in many questions to which the state has not been able to respond adequately - we believe that we cannot restart the country without setting up the theme of the family and that , to it connected, of natality. Indeed, Italy boasts a sad primacy: it is first in Europe for denatality and aging. We have a minor every 5 seniors. An no longer sustainable relationship for sealing the system. Without a substantial turning point that incentives the increase in births and take off the family policies in a broad sense, social inequalities would become even more acute, and we would impossible impassive to the social and economic collapse of the country.
Investments and opportunities targeted for the new generations should be conformed, so that we can get the escape of our children to foreign countries. And it's not just a question of brains: Young people often go abroad to realize their family dreams, even before working. The growth of the elderly population not offset by births and support actions of family nuclei would also lead to accentuate the care of care on families, compressing, in particular, women's participation in the labor market. Only triggering a new process of recognition of the importance of families for national destiny will be able to cope with the increased needs of welfare, avoiding resorting to the increase in public debt. It is no coincidence that the EU funds have been framed as part of the Next Generation EU initiative: we speak of a new generation. Generation that means children, family, growth, with a distant horizon. New generation, because all of Europe is in severe demographic decline. We urgently reverse the route and help young people who want to put on family to think about their future with more security, guaranteed by stable and substantial multi-year policies of help to natality, work, at home, education.
Therefore, we asked the government to intervene in the redefinition of the PNNR, enhancing some voices that - in our opinion - will outline the future horizons of our country.

Only through these concrete and urgent actions, 20 billion euros made available from Europe to reconstruct and strengthen the Italian country-country through the recovery fund can be really effective and make sense, with a view to guarantee a better future for Our children and our grandchildren. Here also because, at the Neo-President of the Mario Draghi Council, family associations ask to translate his proverbial Whatever It Takes into courageous measures, without fears, gaps or uncertainties, to support families: those women and men who are committed And they continue to commit themselves responsibly to give future to our society in all its components, generating new lives and taking care of its members. On the other hand, without what dragons in his speech in the Senate he called "human capital", there will be no sustainable development. As it is impossible that ecological and digital transitions make sense, without an intergenerational rebalancing. It is the last call to try to change the status quo: grow a child up to the age of age, in Italy, for a family cannot continue to cost as much as a fuoriserie. Moreover, the demographic winter impacts strongly on the sustainability of the Maastricht parameters, because at the moment we only produce costs, with expense levels for out-of-scale pensions. I have already told him in so many occasional ones, I still reiterate it: the 209 billion euros that we have largely taken from the future of our children and grandchildren, named Next Generation EU, if they are not used to restart the birth rate and give At kids and young people an adequate future, so much it is called with another name.


Gigi De Palo - National President Forum of Family Associations

NP March 2021

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