Leonardo's freedom

Publish date 29-05-2024

by Roberto Lerda

Leonardo Lotto is 25 years old and just a year ago his life took off. was completely turned upside down. «I was running from the shore towards the water and then I dived­to; perhaps due to a sandbank or the low water I hit my head and I was quite a while under water here. Whoever pulled me out literally saved me."

From that day a long and difficult course begins, because Leonardo remains paralyzed: he no longer walks and he even struggles to move his fingers. No, despite this, he concludes the studies he had begun, which led him to travel around the world: "I was in Australia to finish my master's degree and instead I finished it in the hospital; I had been living away from home for years, but now I'm back to living with my parents. Now everything focuses on feeling better, making those around me feel better and trying to earn more. possible independence. My dream would be to live alone again.

His speech in London at the final ceremony of the Cems Master in International Management strikes and moves everyone present. Afterwards he stated: & laquo; too high, too big to climb; what I try to do every day is look at the smallest step I can take towards a better life. But above all, I have never done this journey alone: my parents have always been there and even my friends have never abandoned me, not even for an instant. The focus of my speech was to thank them publicly because they I feel like I receive a lot, it's liberating state." Precisely in these days it is He was also awarded the honor of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by President Mattarella for having, with a message, recounted his necessary change of life and the importance of the value of freedom and of those who fought to guarantee it. Precisely the theme of freedom is the fulcrum of her whole life now: & laquo; is not serious; obvious, it is right to enjoy it and it's It is right to value it and never forget that it is It's always thanks to someone that we are free. And sometimes that someone could be us."

Her story teaches me that every gesture can be directed to give breathing space and freedom to the people around us and in the world, starting from the little ones.

Roberto Lerda
NP April 2024

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