Japanese notebook

Publish date 26-01-2023

by Luca Periotto

An autumn of ink and silver

The walks of a photographer, draftsman and calligrapher in the largest urban space in the world six months before the Fukushima tragedy.

The construction, page after page, of a visual story made up of drawings, Indian ink splashes, thoughts and suggestions which, like water vapour, rise from the silver colored asphalt to rise up into the sky, beyond the tops of the iconic skyscrapers that form the skyline of the “New York” of the rising sun.

There is always music in Tokyo, jazz music in the background. Even when we seem to hear silence.

Luca Periotto
NP Novembre 2022












Pages from the travel notebook













Tokyo Metro and Train Station is located in Marunouchi, near the Imperial Palace and the Ginza business district. It is the main railway terminal of Tokyo and is the busiest station in Japan by number of trains per day (over 3,000)

















The Cocoon Tower, located in the Nishi-Shinjuku financial district, was designed by Japanese architect Kenzō Tange in 2005









Traffic in Ginza











Playground in Shibuya one of the 23 special districts




















A street in Chofu / The Keio Line of the subway which connects Tokyo with the satellite city of Hachioji to the west

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