If your eyes shine

Publish date 28-09-2021

by Ale & Eva

In a complicated time like the one we are experiencing, it often happens that we look at our children and see in them a look that, if it is not dull, still speaks to us of disappointments and questions about the future that cannot be answered. Questions that we ourselves struggle to answer.

It is a gaze that questions us as adults, as parents. At the same time, when we finally involve them in a situation where they find a way to express themselves, think about their future, grow in relationships, you see in their eyes that shine with a light that comes from something greater, because it is true. that "the future is born from young people, holiness, enterprise and courage are sown in young people". We adults, parents, have the responsibility to put them in a position to let this light come out of their eyes. To us adults, parents, the joy of thinking that "if your eyes shine, we are on the right path".


Ale & Eva
NP may 2021


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