I believe

Publish date 16-11-2023

by Renzo Agasso

"Because they are itching to hear new things, they will listen to fables" (see 2 Tim 4:3-8). Word of Paul the apostle. One thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight years later a pope of the same name – Paul VI, now a saint – experiences the truth of that distant prophecy. The hunger for new things, whatever. In the most serious moment of the pontificate, he recites his profession of faith. He reiterates the eternal truths with the Creed of the people of God, personally written to proclaim what does not change. What can never change.

We believe, he repeats seventeen times in the solemnity of St. Peter's Square.

«We believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, creator of visible things, such as this world where our fleeting life passes, of invisible things such as pure spirits, also called angels, and Creator in each man of the spiritual and immortal soul..."

«We believe that this one God is absolutely one in his infinitely holy essence as in all his perfections, in his omnipotence, in his infinite science, in his providence, in his will and in his love for him...

«We therefore believe in the Father who eternally generates the Son; to the Son, Word of God, who is eternally generated; to the Holy Spirit, the uncreated Person who proceeds from the Father and the Son as their eternal Love...".

«We believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God…».

«We believe in the Holy Spirit, who is Lord and gives life; that he is adored and glorified with the Father and with the Son...".

«We believe that Mary is the Mother, always a Virgin, of the Incarnate Word, our God and Savior Jesus Christ...».

«We believe that in Adam all sinned…».

«We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ through the Sacrifice of the Cross has redeemed us from original sin and from all personal sins…».

«We believe in one Baptism…».

«We believe in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church… indefectibly one in faith, in worship and in the bond of hierarchical communion… necessary for salvation…».

«We believe that the Mass is the Sacrifice of Calvary made sacramentally present on our altars…».

«We believe in eternal life…».

«We believe that the multitude of souls, who are gathered around Jesus and Mary in Heaven, form the Church of Heaven…».

«We believe in the communion between all the faithful of Christ…».

We believe.

We believe?

Renzo Agasso

NP Ottobre 2023

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