How to do more network

Publish date 23-03-2021

by Gianfranco Cattai

Retinopera was founded in 2002 on the initiative of a group of lay people from the world of associations and is today a composite of 23 national organizations from the Italian Catholic world. Italian Catholic Action, Catholic Association of Italian Workers, Association of Italian Catholic Guides and Scouts, Italian Association of University Teachers, Compagnia dello Opere, Italian Women's Center, Coldiretti, Pope John XXIII Community, Sant'Egidio Community, Confcooperative, Italian Sports Center, Tourist Center Youth, Christian Life Community, Focsiv Volunteers in the world, G. Toniolo Foundation, Italian Catholic University Federation, International Catholic Rural Association, Italian Catholic Scout Adult Movement, Christian Workers Movement, Focolare Movement Work of Mary, Christian Rebirth Movement, Renewal in the Spirito Santo, National Union of Institutions and Social Assistance Initiatives.

Retinopera, in choosing to be communion in differences, considers it essential to build that social friendship between the organizations that make it up and with all the associations and civil society, of various kinds and from different backgrounds, which animates the social and political debate, as a style and testimony of respect, esteem and mutual trust proper to the high Christian values ​​contained in the principles of responsibility, subsidiarity, solidarity and participation in the Church's social doctrine and which must always be affirmed and reaffirmed, albeit with forms and languages ​​suited to the time, when contemporary contexts seem to go somewhere else.

In the seminar last November on the topic "How to do more network? "Franco Miano, full professor of philosophy, Marco Tarquinio, director of Avvenire, Ernesto Preziosi, president of Argomenti2000, Stefano Granata, president of Federsolidarity, Gianni Bottalico of ASVIS, Leonardo Becchetti professor of political economy helped us. Important recommendations have emerged for the future three-year program of Retinopera such as the absolute need to create unity on qualifying issues, to live our being Retinopera as a place for discernment of real answers to the real needs of our historical phase. It is a question of giving substance to key words of Retinopera's common mission, such as generativity, sustainability, taking care but above all emphasizing the concept of "Unity and communion as a commitment to overcome particularities by acting in the collective interest". A will that must be translated into everyday life with determination.


Gianfranco Cattai
NP january 2021


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