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Publish date 01-01-2022

by Gianfranco Cattai

A few days ago, Professor Massimo Foti, a friend of Giorgio Ceragioli, colleagues at the Polytechnic of Turin, wrote to me: "On Monday I attended the first lesson of the integral ecology course (note: this is the national online course" Living ecology integral in dioceses and territories. Practices and policies of change and hope for sustainable development "promoted by Focsiv together with Caritas Nazionale and Fondazione Lanza). Well prepared and well conducted. I had done some propaganda here at the course. I am pleased to convey to you the message that Raffaele, a young man from my parish of Caltagirone, sent me ». «Dear professor, I am really happy to have joined this initiative. I also proposed the course to two friends, as well as parish educators. They too were amazed by the initiative and, like me, paid for the registration.

At the end of the course, we would like to propose something to our parish group, in such a way as to disseminate and extend the message of Laudato si ', sowing hope, with the wish to create the critical mass necessary to bring about the radical change necessary given the urgency of the crisis on our planet. I will never stop thanking you for letting me know about this fantastic initiative, or as we like to say: "an experience of conversion for the care of the environment". As for the point about having a Laudato Si 'club in Sant'Anna too, that would be truly wonderful.

When it's more convenient for you, we could talk about it in person and exchange some ideas about it. " In these lines, how many teachings! First of all, the duty to offer opportunities. Secondly, to note once again the desire of young people to get involved. The third is to give substance to the encyclical Laudato Si ': imperative if we want to respect creation. Again, as Massimo writes: «Until a couple of years ago these beautiful videoconferencing programs were reserved for the big names. One of the few benefits the pandemic has brought us! Who knows if there will be live broadcasts from the Taranto social week? ».

Finally, a statement: it will be true that a falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest but it is absolutely vital that we work to make clear, communicate, give awareness to Italians about the energy lavished by many for a cultural project aimed at good. common. Also to combat certain pens and certain newspapers that systematically dedicate themselves to selling fear and destabilization!
If Italy, as President Mattarella often tells us, is a country full of positive experiences, honor to those who work to give it visibility: from this periodical to Avvenire, to Corriere della Sera - Buone Notizie ...

Gianfranco Cattai
NP October 2021

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