Horizons of freedom

Publish date 20-12-2021

by Cesare Falletti

There are moments in life that allow us not only to rest, but to think about other than the immediate future, what to do, projects or problems to be solved. They are situations that happen or something that we organize. They allow us, it is true, but not everyone wants or knows how to take advantage of it. Indeed the apparent "nothing", which risks following a choice of relaxation or rest, disturbs us and makes us uncomfortable. For example, being in an environment where everyone carries out an activity and having no responsibility or a clear position, a specific job. This situation may seem very different from the one I mentioned earlier, but it probably isn't.

Not having a responsibility or an urgency of work to do, allows you to create a space in which you can be yourself and sometimes help inventiveness and imagination that open new paths and new relationships. It is not by commanding, directing or organizing that one enters the hearts of others and manages to discover their richness, which can become a great help for each of us; but listening, questioning, helping and making oneself available. This comes from the fact that our thoughts are freer and dig a freedom in us, which allows us to endure, either by fighting it or by adapting, everything that wants to force us, bind us or chain us. We have the possibility of letting a space be in front of us in which nothing oppresses us, nothing presses us. This requires a fight against everything that wants to force us to hurry, to control the amount of work done, to the "how much" that is often a plague of our days and that mixes and grows with thoughts that reject what is and is happening. . This liberation struggle is not passive acceptance of the evil that surrounds us, but recovery of strength so that it does not overwhelm us and does not hurt us.

The: "it should be otherwise" or the: "it is not right that it should be", are things that come naturally and with reason to our mind and in our heart, but, if we do not take them in hand and do not give them a new direction, they overwhelm us and hit us against a wall. They only leave a bitter taste in the mouth, without having helped us to experience something positive. Free from those thoughts, we can enter reality, which is what surrounds us and intuit how we can live and what we can do that is good for us and does it to others, without being slaves to the injustice of others. This victory can be the result of summer rest, if we have not experienced it as a war against everything and everyone and if it is a global rest of our whole being. In fact, the void that we can create in our time, as in our life, is not always a waste of time, but it can be a recovery of energy, if we rest, or recovery of creativity and quality of life, if we free ourselves from being carried away by events, from the needs of others or ours, from the complex from having to do great things. When Leopardi wrote the famous concluding sentence of the Infinite: "e il naufragar mi è dolce in questo mare" (and shipwreck is sweet to me in this sea), he was not looking at a vast and rich panorama, but at a hedge that blocked his view, giving him the possibility of imagining something very vaster and much more beautiful. And so being stripped of great offices, honors and powers, allows us to see reality beyond the limits that those things impose on us and to think, with God's gaze, of true beauty.

Space with imagination or desire is not always a waste of time, as you might think, but an authentic recharge of the batteries that allow us to be creators rather than mere performers.

Cesare Falletti

NP Agosto-Settembre 2021

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