Publish date 11-09-2021

by Fabrizio Floris

Insecurity goes through all stages of life, for some over the years it becomes a permanent, existential condition, but when you don't even have the mirage of a landing it becomes wandering. Slam left and right like a pinball machine. Slowly loneliness, bills to pay, distrust and absence of work are lined up. Live in a world made of clods resting on the water. Every day, every hour, is a clod and it is difficult to keep them together. They walk away and keep one foot on one and the other and then you fall into the water. You end up on the street, which is not land, but a precipice.
A chasm to which many arrive, at least 2 thousand in Turin alone, different routes, a single landing. These different paths require different strategies, different paths, for some it can be useful a "strong squeeze" if you are falling there is no time to ask, propose, you need to save yourself. For others, relationships of affection are needed, daily gestures, such as those of the Little Prince with the fox, hugs and repeated handshakes, for months, sometimes years. This is to say that it is dangerous to take only one road, there is no possible standardization of the paths, but daily toil, where respect does not consist in leaving people free to sleep on the street because life on the street is corrosive, destructuring, destructive. : the road leads to death, be it sudden or slow. The fighting potential, already greatly undermined, is decreasing day by day. Similarly, strength must be carefully evaluated especially when psychiatric pathologies are present. It is a theme that should be brought back to the center of attention, not to create groups of fans, but to implement actions, policies and objectively evaluate the results.
For example, the Housing First projects completely overturn the perspective of support for homeless people centered mostly within an evolutionary path that proceeds from the reception at a low threshold, to then transit in more stable dormitories and then in a resocialization accommodation and finally to the house. Housing First follows a path where you start with the house and the results on leaving the street are encouraging: in 8 cases out of 10 the person comes out of isolation, stabilizes their psycho-physical well-being, takes care of their health, engages in training and occupations (small jobs), leisure activities and in many cases resumes ties with family and friends. And last but not least, the cost is also lower than the dormitory routes. Drawing the consequences is not courtesy, it is politics.
Fabrizio Floris
NP May 2021

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