Home is where you live

Publish date 24-11-2022

by Ale & Eva

It is also the place where you feel welcomed, protected, where you feel you can grow and take care of those who are important in your life. This is the reason why many who frequent the Arsenale della Pace call it "home": we feel that that place is a place where we play a more or less large piece of life, it is a place where you feel you are welcomed and can welcome , you feel protected and can protect. You feel that someone cares about you, and you can in turn care for many you meet.

Your family can find refreshment and in turn become a place of refreshment and calm for those who struggle with relationships. You find yourself letting yourself be watched from afar and then you realize that someone who is watching you, without you realizing it, approaches and begins to consider you as a small refuge.

Every person, every family, in the Arsenale becomes an instrument available, ready, so that those who take refuge in these houses can meet an available gaze. The welcoming community looks like an unfinished puzzle, where those who arrive in search of an answer look for the piece that fits. And variety, difference, is the resource that allows you to expand the heart of this welcoming home.

Eva & Ale

NP Agosto – Settembre 2022

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