Hélder Câmara - The clamor of the poor is the voice of God

Publish date 30-06-2021

by Redazione Sermig

Hélder Câmara - The clamor of the poor is the voice of God
Anselmo Palini
Preface by Msgr. Luigi Bettazzi
Afterword by dom Piero Conti and dom Carlo Verzelletti
And Ave

Dom Hélder Câmara is certainly one of the best-known figures of the universal Church and society of the last century.
Converted, like Oscar Romero, by the poor and the persecuted, he soon became their voice.
Faced with the temptation of violence, he relentlessly indicated the path of the conversion of nonviolence.
He was looked upon with suspicion by large sectors of the Church and Vatican dicasteries, but he always had the support of Paul VI who considered him a prophet.
Rooted in the Word of God, Dom Hélder tried to translate into reality the dream of another possible world, based on justice, brotherhood and peace, and that of a Church open to the Spirit, poor and servant of the Kingdom.
Anselmo Palini, teacher and essayist, studied above all the themes of peace, conscientious objection, human rights, nonviolence.
More recently he has examined the problems connected with the totalitarianisms and dictatorships of the twentieth century, examining in particular the testimonies of those who opposed these systems.

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