God and the world to come

Publish date 05-01-2022

by Redazione Sermig

God and the world to come
Pope Francis in conversation with Domenico Agasso
ed. Piemme

"When we feel lost and even a little discouraged, because we find ourselves powerless and it seems to us that this darkness must never end, having and transmitting hope means being heralds of true joy and trust in the world to come: precisely the vital needs of 'humanity".
Responding to the questions of Domenico Agasso, the Pope, with warm, direct words, full of suggestive images, gives us his reflections to invite us to find the dreamed and the hidden grace in a period of great suffering for the whole world. Hope protects from discouragement and despair, defeats the temptation of renunciation. Having and transmitting hope means knowing how to entrust oneself to God.

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