Publish date 24-11-2022

by Fabio Arduini

A fenced piece of land. Of all the gardens that have existed and will exist, in thousands and thousands of different types, the constant element is the fence. Inside, special care, outside, that same care is not guaranteed. The fence is its fundamental condition, even when it is deliberately removed, or even omitted. Because the boundary between what is a garden and what is around it is not necessarily a physical barrier. This is possible thanks to the fact that there is something to protect gardens, whether they are laws, customs, people's wisdom; but also the fact that the garden behaves as such: when it receives attention, intelligence, dedication, it responds by bringing fruit, benefits, beauty.

It is the recognition that is given to the garden that makes it its true enclosure, perhaps even the only one. And then a fence does not necessarily involve exclusions: just like a gate without a padlock lets those who wish to enter. However, those who cross it, the fence asks to understand and accept its rules. For example, don't let the dogs run away that are brought in to run around; for example, don't build other private and exclusive fences inside them.

Fabio Arduini
NP Agosto – Settembre 2022

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