Publish date 20-03-2022

by Michelangelo Dotta

It has become almost customary that the opening of every Saturday newscast is dedicated to the various street events (prohibited) organized by a host of no green passes, no vaxes and so on, in spite of any provision, they shout their dissent. Sacrosanct and indisputable right in a free and democratic state like ours, but only and only if the rules of that democracy are respected.
Needless to say, no distancing, not even the shadow of a mask, unauthorized paths and occupations of historic centers in short, systematic violation of what was established in times of pandemic.

However, it is sadly known that in our country whoever yells and yells loudest immediately finds himself stuck with the label of defender of freedom regardless of the object of his protest and, as such, considers every type of justification justified of behavior even if potentially harmful to the community.

But two key players are missing to complete the scene, the police and the cameras; one to act as a counterpoint to the arrogant demonstrators, but with great caution and a light hand precisely in the name of that freedom and democracy of which the march denounces the lack, the others to act as a dangerous multiplier of the protest effect, transforming it into a real and own crusade for the survival of the right to dissent and contest.
We are among the countries with the highest number of vaccinated people in Europe but clearly still not enough to ward off the threat of contagion with a minimum margin of tranquility. As expected with the arrival of the first colds, the curve began to rise as well as ordinary hospitalizations and those in intensive care but a huge difference was highlighted compared to the experience of the first wave: the virus reaps its victims now only more among people who have not undergone vaccination.

It is a data of scientific and statistical significance that is replicated in all the countries of the Community, it is also evidence that commits all governments to push on the pedal of carpet vaccinations and to make life more and more complicated. those who reject preventive therapy for various reasons.
And here the roads divide, each member of the Community operates independently by choosing strategies that are not congruent and that often conflict with the life and activities of European citizens, and this lack of coordination and strict and shared rules, opens the mesh of protests and of the disputes that precisely in the contradictory policies read (somewhat forcefully) a different interpretation regarding the efficacy of vaccines and therefore their questionable validity. Flying over people's watered-down civic sense, their personal interpretation of the concept of freedom and the atavistic skepticism towards institutions, we would probably already be the first continent out of the emergency for some time ... if.

Michelangelo Dotta
NP December 2021

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