Fragility and trust

Publish date 27-12-2020

by Fabrizio Floris

Enzo Bianchi writes to "not be afraid of your own fragility". Weakness is inherent in human life, the human being is a body whose destiny is to perish. In the meantime we try to live the challenges of life, we go "forward" but inside there is a crack that resurfaces like a karst river and it is this inner weakness that like an aphasia removes your expression and prevents you from seeing beauty. You are no longer on the periphery, but you yourself are the periphery of your life and those of others when you turn back on me and forget that you are us. Then there is Kenya, the friends who call me, all situations that would be easy to solve with a little money in my pocket, so every now and then I knock here and there, but it's not easy, above all I'm reluctant to play the role of someone it shares the money of others and at the same time I cannot distribute resources that I do not have. The Kenyan government is questioning the certificates of ownership of many counties claiming that they were awarded by offices where there were corrupt administrators, but the poorest, those who have managed to buy a small land with great sacrifices, are the ones who pay the price. and they risk having it stolen.

Then there is the abyss of families which like a whirlwind is devastating the suburbs where I live. The fractures of the spouses are telluric cracks that break everything around them, starting with the children. While I put my thoughts back in line, I get the "letter of dismissal", not directly because it was something I already knew when I started working: in reality there is no longer even a dismissal, when they hire you you already sign that you will leave , it's in the contract, but you accept it because you settle on the Thatcherian principle TINA (There is no alternative) you have no other options. Then I stop and think of the many difficult situations that I see and I don't feel like telling: the world crashing into me. Facts I would not like to know, friends I would not like to see suffer, latitudes I would not like to cross The pain regresses you, it is like a ray that reduces your size, you are smaller and smaller, your sentences become syllables that you warble until you fall silent.

We need trust, something that one cannot give by oneself, you can only receive it and give it: it is perhaps something you can give even if you don't have it, be, be there. As Franco Arminio writes, “we live in a world made up of clods resting on water. Every day, every hour, is a clod and it is difficult to keep them together. They go away and we keep one foot on one and the other and then we fall into the water ». We hold out our hand someone lifts us up, sometimes we pick up someone else, others we can't, but as Arianna (10 years old) says "it's life" (beauty).

Fabrizio Floris
NP November 2020

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