For love and faith

Publish date 02-02-2023

by Ale & Eva

Over time we become more and more convinced that differences are good for us. Being able to talk to different, very different people who are in search of a common good enriches the prospects. The importance of meeting the different is that we all agree on one point: there is something we are thinking about, there is a project that interests us, we want to understand something more by talking and opening up our thoughts and our hearts. We don't seek to learn, we don't seek to teach. However, let us share feelings and dreams. We are a little willing to get involved!

Maybe it happens that we have to give up a "pure distillate" concept that we are fond of (too much?) or it can happen that we have to accept a simple fact: someone who unexpectedly, with words different from those we would have chosen, expresses our own desire and our own awareness.

And there's not much left to say except a "I like what you said!" even if we would never have expected it and, above all, even if we would never have dreamed of summing up so much life lived by simply saying: «Marriage? There is. Out of love and out of faith and that's enough."

Eva & Ale

NP Novembre 2022

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