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Publish date 18-10-2022

by Aurora Antonucci

For justice
by Carla Del Ponte
Add, 2022
"Issuing an international arrest warrant for Putin should be the first and most important act on the part of the international community which, unfortunately, would not lead to his arrest, but would represent a strong collective stance". The latest book by Carla Del Ponte (who with the International Criminal Court has prosecuted and tried those responsible for the war in the former Yugoslavia and in Rwanda) begins with the accusation against the Russian president of being a "war criminal" like Slobodan Milošević, demanding justice for the many international crimes that went unpunished. The book stems from some crucial questions: where is international law violated? How should the UN intervene? How and by whom are the decisions of the Security Council influenced? Why is the UN making itself the complacent instrument of powerful countries? Carla Del Ponte tells of her activities as a diplomat and as a judge, retracing processes, cases and the most important historical events. La di lei is a reflection that lays bare the faults of the United Nations and the interests that hinder the achievement of true and equitable international justice.

Supersociety. Does it still make sense to bet on freedom?
by Chiara Giaccardi and Mauro Magatti
The Mill, 2022
After the pandemic, the war in Europe. The last two global shocks should convince us that the season of globalization is definitely over. We are now beyond liquid modernity, forced to face the results of a virus that does not allow itself to be eradicated and at the same time pushed to rethink the future. The era of supersociety is characterized by an individual and collective life increasingly dependent on technology, by the inextricable intertwining of human action and ecosystem, and by the increasingly close relationship between subjectivity and social organization. Will sustainability and digitization lead us towards a dystopian, centralized and bureaucratized world, or towards a society of widespread intelligence where freedom can still be the cornerstone for keeping economic development and democracy together?

Aurora Antonucci
NP June / July 2022

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