Everyday life to keep

Publish date 28-12-2022

by Ale & Eva

Living in a community of families is a call that also involves taking care of one another, knowing how to take care of relationships in other couples. You need to keep your ears open to listen to slight accents, have an eye that is interested in little unsaid things, requests for help that are not obvious to the distracted eye. Taking care of the families around us is a task entrusted to everyone, which is why the whole community is called to "be a witness" in front of a wedding: to receive and preserve its beauty at the same time. What is the normal call of spouses to take care of each other, of the family, of the children, is thus transformed into attention that extends to those who share the journey with you. Make yourself available with the resources you have, starting from the discretion and humility that arise from knowing how much delicacy is contained in the miracle of a life to be spent forever together. A miracle that we see take place in the daily life of the home, at the table, at work, when we allow ourselves to be transformed by Jesus, the bridegroom among spouses.

Eva & Ale
NP October 2022

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