Emotions, languages and thoughts

Publish date 28-11-2022

by Simona Carrera

September will see dance as the protagonist which, with her language, is capable of transcending cultural boundaries and linguistic barriers. The Oriente Occidente Festival returns to Rovereto from 3 to 10 September, now in its 42nd edition, which will put themes such as belonging, identity, community and relationships at the center of its programming. There are three narrative strands that guide the programming of this review: telling myths, listening to voices, tracing new routes. The Torino-danza festival also starts from the same assumptions, which this year expands the geography of its proposal by presenting some artists who have not yet been seen for this event and thus making a journey through the complexity of contemporary artistic production, to create a short circuit between emotions, languages ​​and thoughts. After opening on 9 September with Vessel by Franco-Belgian choreographer Damilen Jalet and Japanese visual artist Kohei Nawa, the festival will begin to explore Africa through the work of three artists: Burkina Faso-born Salia Sanou, South African Gregory Maqoma and the Senegalese Amala Dianor. After crossing several continents, the festival will close on October 26 with Story, Story, Die by Norwegian choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen.

Simona Carrera

NP Agosto-Settembre 2022



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