Eighty times Zoff

Publish date 23-08-2022

by Carlo Nesti

ZOFF On 28 February a monument to the history of our football was 80 years old, namely Dino Zoff. He was not only a multi-victorious world champion, but an example for everyone. His father instilled in him the "religion of work", in the sense that it was not enough to work, but it was necessary to work well. He has always been nourished by values ​​such as education, altruism and dignity. Guttuso immortalized it on the 1982 Mundial stamp. MYTHICAL

CONSTITUTION A memorable step forward: the first parliamentary approval for the inclusion of sport in the Constitution. The constitutional affairs commission of the Senate expressed this unanimously. Through the new paragraph of Article 33, the Republic protects health, recognizing the psychophysical, educational and social value of sport, as a universal concept. Now it is important that the school, by adapting itself, receives this message. HISTORICAL

UKRAINE In an edition of the Winter Paralympics conditioned by the war, and by the decision to oust Russian and Belarusian athletes, it was Ukraine that surprised everyone on the first day of competition. In fact, in Beijing, 3 gold medals and 7 podiums were recorded for the benefit of the country tormented by the conflict. A sign of destiny, which allowed Ukraine to leap to the medal table, provisionally, ahead of China. SYMBOLIC

JUVENTUS Juventus have also mobilized to bring refugees from the war in Ukraine to Italy. With a mission, organized by the Juventus club, 80 people arrived in our territory. These are, in the vast majority, of girls, children, and boys between 6 and 14 years, together with some mothers. The initiative was born from a request for help from the Ukrainian Football Federation, to rescue the evacuated young people from football schools. SOLIDARITY

SUPERBOWL The Superbowl is the most watched event in the United States. In the half-time of the National Football League final, 100 million viewers watched a show focused on combating racism. It was the triumph of the stars of black music, born in the ghettos, that changed the world singing scene. Swear words have been replaced by more suitable terms. FESTOSOUS

ERIKSEN Christian Eriksen collapsed to the ground on June 12, during the European football championship, in the 43rd minute of Denmark-Finland. His heart stopped, but after 5 minutes of exemplary resuscitation, he miraculously resumed beating. At the end of February, the former Inter player gave a joy to himself, and to all of us, by returning to the field with the Brentford shirt, equipped with a subcutaneous defibrillator. He appeared in excellent shape after hard training. REVIVAL

BARONE Lorenzo Barone tackles, alone, the over 29 thousand kilometers that separate the 2 most distant terrestrial points from each other, namely the southernmost point of Africa, Agulhas in South Africa, and the most distant east of Asia, Dezhnev in Russia. The tour will touch 3 continents, 12 countries, and as many time zones, for a total duration of about a year and 2 months. Barone will face a temperature range of about 110 degrees, from +50 Africans to -60 Russians. A truly unforgettable undertaking. HEROIC

Carlo Nesti
NP April 2022

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