Digital education

Publish date 26-07-2022

by Nicol Busi

The editorial staff of Piazza Giovani was born during the second edition of the format with the idea of ​​continuing to reach the homes of young people throughout Italy with content designed and produced by them. The aim of relaunching the program was to allow young people to actively contribute to the realization of the episode by researching and telling good news related to the themes defined each time. Furthermore, together with the composition of articles to be published, the search for cultural insights and the creation of videos and graphics for social media.
The organization into subgroups allowed everyone to give back their skills to help create a message of good and hope that would reach the hearts of the spectators.

The adventure then took a new direction with the start of the Giro d'Italia. Sermig, which has become a social partner of the Giro d’Italia, has covered all the stages of the Corsa Rosa to meet young people in their cities and build together 3,479 km of Hope.
The testimonies during the prayer meetings and on the arrivals stage of each stage of the Giro, the delivery of the Letter to Conscience to groups, associations, parishes and institutions, made the project concrete.

The episode of Piazza Giovani in March focuses on digital education and the conscientious use of the technology at our disposal. Francesco Oggiano, journalist, Donata Columbro, data expert, Nicola Missaglia, Ispi and Micaela Foti co-founder of Penshare will bring us their testimony.
We will give space to reflections and clarifications on the Russia-Ukraine conflict to allow students to better understand what is happening in Europe.

Nicol Busi
NP March 2022

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