Publish date 13-01-2021

by Fabio Arduini

The prefix "dis" has the task of altering the words to which it is pinned, if not to overturn them: disused, careless, inhumane. But something else, with the device & family. Here it signals that there is a set of things, and there is a criterion, a criterion according to which the elements that form the whole have been ordered; dis-placed, in fact. And therefore there is also an end, since there is no order without a goal. It must also be said that we are in the presence of versatile words, truly available to mean many things. The peculiarity of the word device is that it has been fished and used as a concrete container of meanings, to express everything that the disparate devices pulled out of the cylinder of technological inventions allow to do.

Device par excellence was elected the object once known as a mobile phone, due to the fact that it was designed as a portable and customizable support with various configuration and application possibilities, from the most reckless to the most constructive.

Fabio Arduini
NP November 2020


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