Design the environment we need

Publish date 05-11-2022

by Redazione Sermig

Last May at the Turin Book Fair the volume The environment in pencil was presented, which collects 100 illustrations by Gian Piero Ferrari together with the in-depth texts by Carlo and Manuele Degiacomi, published since 2008 in Nuovo Progetto in the Environment section.

Presenting the volume, the founder of Sermig, Ernesto Olivero, observes: «The earth is our environment, it is not our property, it is our home and that of all living beings. The environment also includes humanity in its economic and social aspects which should be of peace, coexistence, brotherhood, freedom, solidarity, democracy.
The work of Carlo and Manuele Degiacomi and Gian Piero Ferrari represents the attempt, fruit of daily research, to transmit this message, to make it concrete and practical, arousing sensitivity and responsibility ».

The environment in pencil is intended to be an opportunity to draw the attention of readers to the complexity of the environment and to what each of us can do to act in its defense. These are the themes and objectives of the present and the future, to ensure a liveable planet for all.

Gian Piero Ferrari has worked with the Armando Testa agency in Turin for 40 years, since he was only 14: "What can you learn at 14 in an agency like this? All. From the love for art, which is the Agency's exclusive and original creativity, to the synthesis that is a close relative of the same, to modernity ".

Carlo and Manuele Degiacomi since 1992 have been involved through Ecofficina SRL with the design and construction of exhibits, interactive and multimedia exhibitions, educational, scientific and humanistic dissemination products. With The Pencil Environment they express the belief that: "Each of us can contribute to designing the environment we need".

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