Dear friend, I'll tell you about my Sermig

Publish date 12-01-2023

by Redazione Sermig

"At the Arsenale they tell you: 'everything is restitution' and you understand that by doing good, a lot is returned to you".

"'What did I learn today?' I think I will start from here to tell you about our Sermig»

Thus begins one of the letters that a group of young people who passed through the Arsenale della Pace this summer sent us as a return of the sharing experience lived together. They are the young people of Modugno, in the province of Bari, who while waiting at the airport, before returning home, collected thoughts, emotions and reflections on what they had just experienced.

We thought we'd share with you a few, very few excerpts, which have done our hearts good, because they tell the experience lived by many young people this summer through their eyes.

«To begin with, Sermig is actually something that is not easy to tell, because any story, even the most detailed and passionate one possible, will not be able to convey the emotions, the feelings, the involvement, the tiredness and the richness that characterize this experience.

"We young people joined this experience without having high expectations and without having great information about it, we literally threw ourselves into this overwhelming experience that changed our, or at least mine, way of having faith".

«Finally we didn't get intoxicated with big words and uselessly philosophical thoughts regarding the Bible, as the catechesis and our sharing during the camps often seemed to me, to then go back to our usual life, but we literally got our hands dirty to do our share towards the next".

«Goodness disarms because the innocence, joy, gratitude of the people I met at Sermig annihilate the tiredness of the day, annihilate negativity and really make you hope and believe in a world without wars and for which hunger will not nothing but a distant memory.

Anna Chiara Toffanin & Nicol Busi

NP Ottobre 2022

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