Dad from below

Publish date 16-08-2021

by Ale & Eva

Father's Day. Dad heroes. Super dad. Feeling compared to our children's super heroes. Then you look back at all the past days, you look ahead at all the days that are due to arrive, and you think that there is not so much superhero in your "daddy" days.

Perhaps there is more of a constant moving and thinking and doing, "down there" where the river of our family's life flows, below in the Canyon.

If you look out from above and look down you hear the distant noise and you wonder what it is like to be down there in the water, then you look around and think that without the river below, which is almost invisible, nothing would have the charm it has. .

Inside that river of life that digs the rock and gives a unique shape to the life of every family there is a father.

And we, dad from below, dad below, are down there and actually if you look at us carefully, in that river we wallow and have a lot of fun.

NP Aprile 2021

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