Conscience and peace

Publish date 19-10-2022

by Nicol Busi

The edition of Piazza Giovani dedicated to schools ended with the last episode


The meeting on 27 May, entitled "Conscience and Peace", was attended by 40 students from the Juvarra Institute of Venaria Reale (TO) who collaborated in the construction of the episode through the search for content.

Several themes were at the center of the dialogue. First of all the consequences of the war. Nicolas Marzolino, a young man who lives in Novalesa, a town in the Val di Susa, told us about his direct experience: a bomb from the Second World War, found by chance in an agricultural field, exploded in his hands and caused him loss of vision and destruction of the right hand. An event that completely changed his life, a meaningless injustice that returns to the present from the past.

But Nicolas, thanks to the help of friends and family, was able to keep hope alive, he transformed a problem into a life opportunity. Today he defines his experience of him as a blessing, which allowed him to experience and open doors that he would never have opened.

Nicolas has been able to put peace in his life and shows that war kills, breeds hatred, takes away resources from research, arouses revenge and causes consequences even years later. The design of a weapon requires intelligence and competence that can be used for a good purpose. The use of conscience, the awareness of one's own value and abilities can guide us to make responsible choices, to create good for ourselves and for others.

Andrea, a young man who is giving his life to a project that aims to transmit educational content on social media, and Rinaldo, one of the managers of Sermig development projects around the world, also brought their testimony to Piazza Giovani. Both talked about how they used their skills for good, and how they tried to build peace by nurturing information and development opportunities.

What have we learned? "I have learned that my problems, compared to many young people of my age who live in war, are really small and solvable and that I too can contribute to creating peace", here is the answer of a student.


Nicol Busi

NP Giugno-Luglio 2022

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