Children of the century

Publish date 26-04-2022

by Simona Carrera

Massimo Popolizio brings on stage at the Piccolo Teatro Strehler in Milan M - The son of the century, a show based on the historical novel by Antonio Scurati: a story of the rise of Mussolini, of the foundation of the beams of combat, passing through the March on Rome, up to the speech in parliament on January 3, 1925 and the spread of squads. "It is a relay race between eighteen actors - states Popolizio - which, far from any rhetoric, brings to the attention of the public the pressing pace of a rise to power, which took place in a moment of profound weakness of institutions and parties". The show will be staged from January 20 to February 26.

At the Gobetti Theater in Turin, Ascanio Celestini proposes his new show Museo Pasolini, a tribute to the great Friulian writer and director whose centenary of his birth occurs in 2022. Celestini takes us to a hypothetical museum through the testimonies of a historian, a psychoanalyst, a writer, a reader, a criminologist. In this place of memory, a moving journey through the legacy of this great intellectual. The show will be repeated in Turin from 18 to 23 January and then on tour in Italy.

Simona Carrera
NP January 2022

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