Chairs and superpowers

Publish date 20-09-2021

by Andrea Gotico

The other day a young woman, (I will not say her name to avoid unpleasant repercussions), asked me for an opinion on a purchase: «What color would you get her chairs for the living room? White, red or green? ».

I timidly suggest the white ones. "But aren't they too clear?" "Well ... yes!". "Then take the red ones." "I find them a bit vulgar," she replies. "Well, then we just have to take them green." "I don't like this green, it reminds me of an old aunt I couldn't stand." "But what do you think?" she pushes her back. "Always the white one I think."

Only twenty seconds have passed, in the meantime I have not had any new grief to elaborate. Now the discussion is at a crossroads, I answer «do you do as you prefer?», A very risky choice, or am I trying to propose another chair with its long range of colors? In the first case I am sure that I will go through the one who is okay with everything, in the other a long discussion awaits me that as a mono-neuronic male could be fatal to me. What to do?

As a child I often dreamed of having super powers and I longed to be the invisible man in order to escape any difficulty. But I will never forget what my grandfather told me one day: «Dear young man, there are days that you cannot disappear, you have to sit still and wait for it to pass… Never ask for the gift of invisibility. Remember that women have an office gift: X-rays ».

NP Maggio 2021

Andrea Gotico

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