Candy print

Publish date 13-08-2021

by Stefano Ravizza

When I hear about Polaroid I immediately think of the famous cameras that printed instant photos.
The original Polaroid failed in 2001 mainly due to the advent of digital cameras.

A few years ago the brand was taken over by the Impossible Project which started producing film rolls for historical cameras and introduced new digital instant print models.
Their latest product is 3D Candy Play, a pen that is capable of printing edible candies in six colors, each with a different taste.

Operation is simple, after switching on a LED signals that the right internal temperature has been reached and from that moment on, just insert the cartridge of the desired flavor / color and press the button that dispenses a portion of the special liquid.
After a short wait, the candy solidifies and is ready to eat.

The package includes some molds to obtain small confetti but you can also draw what you want on a non-adherent surface to make small ready-to-eat sculptures.

Stefano Ravizza
NP April 2021

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