Breaking the Bread

Publish date 08-11-2021

by Redazione Sermig













I am in love with Jesus and he, who is the only one, does not want to be the only one. He wants us to do like him, indeed he wants us to do more than him. Being a Christian is not being part of a religion, it is being part of Jesus, it is loving him hopelessly, as he loves us.

We are part of Jesus, part of his love for him. And it is a great joy that Paul and Mark have become priests! Two children of my heart, of my life, will consecrate the bread and the wine. They will do like Jesus, they will break the bread and say his own words: Take and eat it all: this is my body offered as a sacrifice for you.

And then again they will take the cup of wine in their hands and say like him: Take and drink it all: this is the cup of my blood for the new and eternal covenant, poured out for you and for all in the remission of sins. Like Jesus.

From today, through their hands, the holy body of God will be given to eat to all who approach the altar to receive it.

From today their hands will be through so that we can receive from him the strength of him that heals, that makes us be born again, that makes us live in peace and with courage.

From today, two boys, who have become men among us, will be able to repeat the gift that Jesus gave us, the gift of himself and will be able to identify even more with him.

Yesterday they received this mandate from the bishop's words: "Realize what you will do, imitate what you will celebrate, conform your life to the mystery of the cross of Christ the Lord".

Imitate what you will celebrate! Imitate the gift that Jesus makes of himself ... And now by imitating the gift of Jesus that we celebrate today, they too will make more and more bread to eat: they will give themselves to those in need, they will consume themselves for love, with the strength of faith that Jesus , from today, he will give them in abundance.

Through their hands, from today, the strength and sweetness of the Holy Spirit that we invoked upon them yesterday will be communicated to others: they will be totally at the disposal of Jesus, his first collaborators in the work of the Kingdom, to live like him, for to bless like him, to transmit God like him.

With their characters, with the seriousness of their commitment, with the strength of their weakness they will make themselves available to Jesus to be transformed into bread to chew and wine to drink, for the love of many little ones who ask for good priests. As good as bread and wine. Good like Jesus.

I am in love with Jesus and he, who is the only one, does not want to be the only one. He wants us to do like him, indeed he wants us to do more than him. Being Christian is not being part of a religion, it is being part of Jesus, it is loving him hopelessly, as he loves us: our priests, all of us fraternities, all the people of God. All, called to be like Jesus, good as the Bread.

Se diventiamo di Dio

siamo come un roveto che arde

e Dio può parlare attraverso noi.

Se non incontriamo l'abitudine

possiamo ardere di Dio

parlare di lui

agire con lui.


Ernesto Olivero



Who among us becomes a priest remains a brother among the brothers; in community he is in the same place as the others, because every task is sacred before God. [...] In the field of God there are no degrees.

These words, taken from our Rule of life, express well the desire I have in my heart and how I would like to live the gift of the priesthood received.

When a few years ago together with Ernesto and the fraternity we decided to take this path, in my head and in my heart I had this conviction clear: I am already happy with and in my consecrated life, "I lack nothing"; but I also felt, at first in a somewhat confused way and with the passing of time more and more decisive, that this journey would help me to enter more deeply into the mystery of God's love and of "my" giving myself to others, in the Church.

I am only at the beginning of this new journey, of this "new beginning", but I must also recognize that the roots go back a long way; I had confirmation of this in these days when I was in my parish of origin in San Giorgio di Perlena to celebrate the first masses: the years as an altar boy, the summers first as animated and then as an animator, the adorations in the chapel , have been many small steps of a long journey that have brought me here. Decisive, of course, was the meeting with the Fraternity and with Ernesto, who slowly cultivated and made that seed planted in the heart blossom; the grace and prayer, faithful and constant of so many friends and relatives, finally did the rest. For this reason, the word that most emerges from my heart and lips in these weeks is "THANK YOU".

Alone it would have been impossible, together it became reality. And now that a new road opens up for me, I feel serene, because accompanied by the Fraternity and guarded by the hands of God, as Dom Luciano often liked to repeat: "I am well because I am in his hands".

Paolo Miotti


Since that morning in the cathedral, I have been a priest of Jesus. I rediscover him every time I wake up in these days. I continue to be! It is very different from other events and other holidays in life. In those there is the joy of waiting, then the party and then everything ends. In the things of God it is different: there is the joy of waiting, the celebration and then everything continues, forever.

So I wear a stole and a chasuble. In tradition, the stole is the sign of the sweet and gentle yoke that Jesus entrusts to us. It then symbolizes the sheep that the good shepherd carries on his shoulders. Now, it has also become for me a hug of all those people I have met in life. The embrace of family members, of my fraternity from all over the world. On that cloth I see their names and faces. How I would like the gestures and works that I perform, once offered to God, to reach everyone like an embrace from heaven.

Where I cannot, I am sure of the mercy of the good Lord. He protects everyone and comforts everyone with his immense charity, just like that big chasuble that I wear every day.

Marco Vitale


NP Giugno-Luglio 2021

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