Bi@mail and We will beat cancer

Publish date 14-05-2023

by Aurora Antonucci

Messages from the outskirts of the world. A bible for the bold
by Georg Sporschill
and Ruth Zenkert
San Paolo Editions, 2021

An extraordinary "couple" of missionaries, the Jesuit Father Georg Sporschill and Ruth Zenkert, send weekly to their friends and supporters in the form of emails ( from those "peripheries of the world" where they have been called by God to live to meet him and serve him in the poorest brothers and sisters. Each "bimail" (from the German: biblische Mail) narrates a real story they experienced and skilfully reinterprets it through the filter of a biblical verse, offering at the end some questions that invite the reader to personal reflection to recognize the traces of that "fifth Gospel", which God writes on the crooked lines of our lives. Each story therefore reveals itself as a viaticum to become familiar with the Bible, the book of books.

We will beat cancer
Story of a researcher mother of five
by Renzo Agasso and Carlotta Giorgi
Effatà Publishing, 2022

Carlotta is a person who is both special and normal, however normal today a mother of five children can be called who does a job like this, and doesn't do it forty hours a week, but practically all the time, because experiments don't know weekends. end, the Easter and Christmas bridges, the summer holidays, illnesses of one's own and those of the children, not even maternity periods. Professor at the University of Ferrara, and award-winning anticancer researcher. She lives for her children and for her laboratory, with such a positive charge of joy and sympathy that sooner or later the cancer will give up. Here she talks about herself, not to make herself beautiful, but to reassure us all: cancer will be defeated, and she puts her signature on it. And her face.

Aurora Antonucci
NP February 2023

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