Belly in the wind

Publish date 09-03-2023

by Michelangelo Dotta

Celebrated on unified networks even before the result of the vote, the "hustler" of Tg2 Post was emblematic in which the evening before the elections she was the only guest in the studio, interviewed by the then news director then coincidentally promoted to minister, a certain Gennaro Sangiuliano, Giorgia Meloni, the first female prime minister of the Italian republic, brought with her a wave of right-wing rhetoric starting with the redefinition of the name of some ministries.

The changing wind is one of the many mantras trumpeted during the electoral campaign when it was time for promises that set the square ablaze, but today, in the act of deeds, the only visible change is that of language and words and the television is the perfect amplifier for voters intoxicated by such arrogance disguised as political strategy. After two months in power, we continue to sail to the sound of slogans entrusted to the ether, and even the first actions of the new team installed are more propaganda than substance.

But one thing is certain and for all to see, with the new bosses in government, new tenants immediately arrived in the institutions and in leadership roles, Rai in the lead. Faces of new journalists and correspondents, until yesterday relegated to the shadows of television newsrooms, pierce the screen for the first time in performance anxiety, while the information as a whole seems organized according to precise lines and themes that make the 3 national news programs almost identical , in photocopy, a more than evident translation of the image of the strong man (woman) in power.

Control of the television instrument has always been the first step that moves the winner of the elections but never before has it been so evident, an almost shameless change of course as in the case of virus infections, with the consequent heavy burden of hospitalized and dead , suddenly forgotten by the regime, canceled and banned from every news bulletin, disappeared like vaccinations, masks and scientific information.

Evidently a real thaumaturgical power distinguishes this right so voted, so desired and so strong as to inhibit even the most elementary reasoning that every human mind worthy of the name should be called to do, but thinking, reasoning and acting accordingly is evidently too much challenging for the vast majority of Italians who much prefer to try their hand at the sport of bar "lament" and surrender body and soul to the radiant political project of those who voted with conviction and enthusiasm... a "gendarme" government with migrants and participants in the rave, "condescending" with the no vax people and "understanding" with tax evaders: a valuable synthesis of the "gut" thinking of millions of compatriots.

Michelangelo Dotta

NP Dicembre 2022

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