Before it's too late

Publish date 29-10-2022

by Roberto Cristaudo

We grow too fast, almost immediately losing that naive purity that children have, we are in a hurry to get rid of it to homologate.
All the same, we prefer someone to choose for us, without taking responsibility for fear of making mistakes.
We don't fight anymore, we don't even do it to defend a love, if it doesn't work, we prefer to change direction.
The truth is that we stand still for fear of making a mistake.

But what life do we want?
A secure job and a cynical boss, a salary that allows us to travel by plane, a thirty-year mortgage for a house in the suburbs, five weeks a year of vacation to catch your breath in an unusual and instagrammable destination.
An electric car, an equipped camper, a technological smartphone and a loyalty card at the organic supermarket and then an exhaustion at forty.
We do not waste time and above all we do not lose the energy that we still have somewhere inside us.
Let's desert now, before some financial obligation blocks us.

We do not wait for our children to ask us for money to shop in the meta-verse because we have not allowed them to dream.
Let's not wait until we become unable to do anything more than a pseudo green reconversion of the same old job, let's not wait for the next report on climate change to show that governments and multinationals have only made things worse.
It almost seems that the last hope must be a popular uprising, that the change must start with someone else.
We can steer now, start training to learn how to cultivate the land, leave for a few months of service on organic farms, participate in something constructive.

We are committed to helping those who need us.
We can attend a course to repair bicycles, spend a weekend fighting with an ecological association, do volunteer work, do theater, read a book by the sea, hug a tree.
We can start like this, it is up to us to find our way to change direction.

Roberto Cristaudo
NP June / July 2022

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