Be in confidence with God

Publish date 11-03-2021

by Annamaria Gobbato

«Help me play the ball with my heart. To play football like you. And with you». The speaker is Claudio "Yossi" Contarin, a boy from Camisano Vicentino, not even twenty years old. The recipient is not a famous footballer but none other than Jesus. Oh yes, Claudio with holy simplicity talks with the people he loves and feels loved by, be they his parents, brothers, friends and ... Heaven .
One night in February a few years ago with three other peers Claudio ended up with the car in a ditch and lost his life. After the funeral, his father Alberto discovered a notebook with these dialogues between heaven and earth. Claudio thanks for all the gifts received, for his father: "Once upon a time there was a man, his name was Alberto. And there was a child, his name was Yossi. He could neither speak nor move, only his eyes. Alberto had left for Israel, where Yossi lived. He looked after him, he grew fond of us! Now Alberto is back home, he has 5 children and a beautiful wife; to the first male, which is me, she gave the name Yossi ... ».
And for faith: «If we stop for a moment to talk to him and look at that sky rich in a thousand shades, we understand that maybe that sunset, that cloud of cream, that rain, is the sky that God gives you». Now Claudio is a piece of that sky.

Annamaria Gobbato
NP december 2020


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