Barty: time to quit

Publish date 23-09-2022

by Carlo Nesti

Ascleigh Barty was the number one female tennis player in the world for 120 weeks, until a few days ago. At the peak of his career, at the age of 25, he decided to retire.
Talented and sensitive, she also suffered from depression, but this time she stopped for good. He understood that the pursuit of happiness passes through other paths. And it is no coincidence, having always had a vision not limited to the field, but projected far beyond. HUMAN

Yes we learn that new treatments are needed, in Sinisa Mihajlovic, to defeat leukemia. It was therefore necessary to be hospitalized, continuing to follow Bologna at a distance. Even now he has preferred to "put his face up": renounce silence, announce his torment to the world. In the football metaphor, he will not enter the field, but will play early. They will be preventive therapies, to avoid the return of the disease. WARRIOR

At the Quirinale the tricolor flag with 5 circles was returned to the President of the Republic. The balance of Beijing 2022 is particularly flattering: 17 medals for the Olympics, led by Michela Moioli, and 7 for the Paralympics, led by Giacomo Bertagnolli. Sergio Mattarella could not ignore the conflict of this troubled era: "War is the opposite of Olympic values". NOBLE

Russians and Ukrainians together, to pass a ball, to comfort each other for a mistake, and to hug each other for a goal. Fantasy? No. A Turin reality, which has nothing to do with the reconstitution of the old Soviet Union, but resembles us in a positive sense.
It is called the Russian Talking Sports Union, which for 4 years have also been arriving young people from Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Not even war is to divide their solid friendship. UNITED

Kateryna Monzul is a football referee, forced to flee the bombs in Ukraine, and to find accommodation in Italy. To bring back some normality, she was commissioned to direct a match between Inter and Sampdoria in Milan, at the Suning sports center.
It can be equated with male whistles, due to the authority with which he managed the meeting. Monzul instead refereed the final of the Women's World Cup. PROUD

Until a few months ago, he played in Puglia, in the second category, in the ranks of the Rinascita Refugees.
Moustapha Elhady Cissé, an 18-year-old striker from Guinea, made the big leap in Serie A: Atalanta. And in the final of a Bologna-Atalanta, blocked at 0-0, he entered the field and scored the decisive goal. A fairy tale, for a refugee who left the civil war behind him, and the death of his father. Now, the future is less scary. REFUGEE

The Bebe Vio Academy, in Milan, brings together children aged 6 to 18, with a particularity, as they are both able and disabled.
During the sessions, they try various sports: wheelchair basketball, fencing, sitting volleyball, and athletics. The spirit is that of inclusion, and lately the training took place with Alviti, Biligha and Ricci, Olimpia basketball players. Paul Biligha: «Seeing children's smiles is the best thing». SOLIDARITY

Carlo Nesti
NP May 2022

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