At every step

Publish date 10-08-2023

by Marco Grossetti

Never get tired of following the growth of your children

Ready go, run at breakneck speed for another adventure, always busy in a new trouble, the wonder of being able to clap your hands, of being able to disappear and reappear at the sight of those close to you

A moment ago you were a tiny ball of chicken skin that cried to sleep and baby food, screaming to exhaustion of itself and of the surroundings, faithfully following all the stages of evolution: yesterday you rolled and crawled, today you crawl and climb everywhere, a incalculable number of falls and blows on the muzzle will allow you to walk tomorrow and fly away one day towards new conquests. You fall down and pull yourself up, pull yourself up and fall back down.

Your survival coincides with ours and we spend hours watching you with a heart that stops beating every time you lose your balance. Falling down and picking you up, picking you up and falling back down. Until you remain squashed on the floor and a cry announces the exhaustion of your strength or the fright of your pretty face hitting the ground on a tile, with the consequent immediate need for a supplement of pampering.

You gasp contentedly in the throes of an unmanageable joy unable to control your happiness because you already know that the most beautiful moment is the one of waiting, the one in which what you so much desire is about to happen and you see spoons full of yum-yum or arms very long approaching you, to satiate your good appetite or free you from the seat, the high chair and anything else that forces you to the torture of standing still in some place.

You can't stand the interruption of pleasure and when something that's good for your heart ends, you break the silence and turn up the volume of the protest. Your world is noise, a pile of brand new toys abandoned in a corner, you enchanted by boxes, packaging and packaging to move, crush and snap, because happiness is a simple thing.

You break our heads by removing and moving all the protections we put on so as not to break your head.

Let's take your first book, how to rekindle a dead dragon, but you just want to wrinkle everything, tear and tear the pages, you go from the first to the last one all satisfied, without listening to a word and leaving the poor dragon to his fate. Ready to go, run at breakneck speed for another adventure, always busy with a new problem, the wonder of knowing how to clap your hands, of being able to disappear and reappear at the sight of those close to you. You do the same thing you see the grown-ups around you do, you scream out of turn at the sky, you laugh at the ailments of others, you too starting to cough and sneeze in response as if even every cold were a beautiful game, put your love into circulation blowing kisses into the void.

Everything makes you laugh and even if something bad happens, you allow yourself the privilege of forgetting it right away. Move all the shutters and doors back and forth watching them open and close in amazement, hypnotized by the creaking and movement, you stay for a few seconds guarding the treasure they contain, until your attention is attracted by a new random object that catches your eye.

You wake up not knowing who you are, where you are, what you are, you think you have ended up in the realm of fright and you scream at the top of your lungs in the middle of the night, without thinking that there is a time to feel good and a time to feel bad, an hour in which it is necessary to have greater restraint in order to communicate one's need for consolation and affection. To return to peace you don't need words, just contact with those you know are by your side always and forever, without speaking any language you know the only language you really need, it seems to work roughly the same for dragons too or at least that's what that book says . It's all wonderfully like this down here, then the ball of chicken skin rolls its eyes to the sky and a thought comes to me. But really up there is Someone who follows our every step as we do with you, who never tires of watching us fall down and pull us up, making sure that we get hurt a little, but never too much, so we are a show without pauses, who can always be disturbed and who doesn't give a damn how many times we ask him for help, but just wants to put a smile back on our lips?

Marco Grossetti

NP Maggio 2022

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