Are we losers?

Publish date 23-11-2021

by Max Laudadio

I write sitting in my car parked in a parking lot of a large hospital, the air conditioning is at maximum and over the glass there are 35.5 degrees, you can't breathe outside. I am waiting for my sister, for whom fate continues to reserve days of suffering, but she does not give up and continues to fight.
I often wonder how he does it, where do you find the strength or energy needed to move forward. And then I always end up repeating the same phrase: she has understood the true meaning of her life and tries to live it despite everything, love her despite everything and, despite everything, thank her because she considers it a gift from her.
While my sister unwittingly teaches me to live, the world seems to go in another direction, towards a goal that does not bode well and that makes us all heavily guilty. Yes, guilty. And we should also learn to say it while feeling ashamed.
For days and days, TV has been reporting on the tragedy experienced in Afghanistan.

The umpteenth defeat of all, without exception, of the entire human race, brought to its knees by what we call Islamic terrorism but which in reality is nothing more than the demonstration of how badly it winds in our souls.
Kabul is once again the emblem of our failure, underlined by the flight under the protection of the president.

The much hoped-for democracy becomes a mirage and the most serious consequences will be suffered by the innocent, those who did not want this madness, men of good will, women and children.
Meanwhile in Haiti a new earthquake has devastated everything. And it is the lifeless bodies of thousands of people who remind us that since the 2010 tsunami we have not done anything to guarantee them at least some safety. In more than ten years we have not been able to restore dignity to a people plagued by poverty, disease, violence and drug trafficking.
Here too we have lost and here too it is the innocent who pay the heaviest bill.

As if that weren't enough, all over the world for months, arson are wiping out hectares and hectares of vegetation, destabilizing the ecosystem and forcing the inhabitants of those lands to flee.
We have lost again. How we constantly lose when we don't take direct responsibility for climate change. The images of floods, tsunamis, unusual tropical rains, numerous landslides, should make us aware, reactive, concrete in the answers, and instead have only the ability to demonstrate our fragility, enhancing our smallness and pointing out our greed.

And we are also losers when a human being asks for alms or dies at sea chasing freedom, when he cries because he cannot guarantee support for his family or suffers violence, humiliation, conditioning and blackmail.
Losers, because as losers we have decided to live, without even the humility to admit it to ourselves, and who knows if we will ever be able to do it.
My sister, however, also taught me that anything is possible, and she did it with her battles, her courage, her will and her love for life, and for this, despite everything, I cannot fail to trust in man and in his capacity for rebirth.

However, I believe that we can no longer continue to be passive in this process of change and it is necessary for each of us to commit himself personally with determination and trust. Because even thinking that it is not possible makes us losers and, a loser, is only destined to never find happiness.

Max Laudadio
NP August / September 2021

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