And there was light!

Publish date 02-09-2021

by Matteo Spicuglia

It was dark on that land. Or rather, everything was shrouded in light, but not everyone could see it.
The inhabitants had a very particular visual spectrum: it was not a question of eyes, but of heart. What the heart did not see was also hidden from the eye. There were those who managed to enjoy the light of life inside and out, while for many others it was only darkness. Fosco was one of them.
They had nicknamed him that because he always walked around frowning.
In fact, he was sick of living in the dark anymore. Fosco one day took courage and decided to talk about it with Nur, a wise woman, esteemed by everyone, who has always seen the light. “Nur, I can't live in this darkness anymore. Help me!
". "Dark? But if there is so much light around here! Sometimes it seems too much.
Do not you see it?". «No, never seen. I'm afraid it doesn't exist for me. Help me!". Nur was deeply moved and accepted.
"Okay Fosco. I will show you the light, you will live an extraordinary experience, but then you will have to look for it yourself. Do not be frightened.
Accept a graduality even if it won't be easy ».

At that precise moment, Fosco was as if propelled into a new, indefinite dimension. In front of him a large open space: it looked like a sea or a meadow without borders, but impossible to focus completely. That shadow-shrouded void was so similar to the darkness of all time. Fosco did not understand.
But it all happened in a matter of seconds. First a flash, then a crash.
The horizon completely illuminated by a light so intense and alive that it leaves you speechless.
Fosco's eyes had never seen such a beautiful thing. The emotion became tears, the astonishment an unstoppable desire to get closer, to merge with that white. There was nothing different to wish for. Fosco finally felt he had found him all of him. The world is immense, the joy is immense. Very beautifull!

It was natural to immediately think of Nur: «You have given me an incredible gift. Thank you with all my heart! I couldn't have asked for more. Finally I too see the light ». Nur smiled, she knew very well that her task had just begun. «Fosco, you have to go on. I warned you.
This is not the light you thought! ».
He said so and in a second everything went dark. Fosco was seized with fear and despair.
He would have liked to reach that immense light, embrace it, abide in him. He didn't understand why Nur had turned him away from that wonder.
Here, once again in the dark. For what? He was angry, disappointed. He felt teased, with an unbearable burden on his heart and stomach.

He began to wander in the void: shadows, darkness, the desire to curse. It was at that moment that he looked up to the sky.
And he stopped instinctively. He had never noticed it, but that black was as though it was quilted with small lights: he had never seen those flames of different sizes, clear too, each with its own intensity. There were millions, wrapped like a spiral. And then, what about that ball a little further on, the white light that illuminated everything? Fosco felt inhabited by a very deep peace, by a sense of harmony never experienced.
He didn't see a powerful light, but just enough to feel good.
How to feel cradled.
That feeling didn't last long, just long enough to understand. Fosco was as if carried by a whirlwind and found himself in front of Nur, now impatient to tell him his secret.

«Fosco, you have finally seen the light.
But what you see in the future will depend only on you. By now you have understood.
In our world, we can only see with the heart. You thought you were living in the dark, because you never loved. I showed you the light that can explode in the night, to make you understand that it exists, that you can enjoy it, that you can look at it fully. But know that such strong lights are useless, they only dazzle.
You will see fully only when you learn that light is not an absolute, but the reflection of many nuances that you can manage, live, search for ».
"Nur, I don't follow you," Fosco replied.

"Trust me. You will really see when you learn to enjoy the light of the stars, soft, delicate, equally spectacular.
To do this you will look for new observation points, you will realize that to admire this beauty you don't need to possess or merge, but to learn to keep the right distance. This is the true light, this is mature love.
Now live it! ».

Matteo Spicuglia
Np May 2021

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