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Publish date 08-08-2022

by Domenico Agasso

Pope Francis begs God and Our Lady of Fatima to end the "brutal and senseless war" in Eastern Europe. He relies on the Virgin against the bombs that "destroy the homes of so many of our unarmed Ukrainian brothers and sisters". On March 25 the Pontiff pronounces words of pain and hope during the planetary act (in union with all the bishops of the world) of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Russia (linked to the prophecies of Fatima, where at the same time the cardinal almsgiver Konrad celebrates Krajewski) and Ukraine - a rite that becomes one of the most solemn moments of the Argentine pontificate - presided over in St. Peter's Basilica in front of a few thousand people (also present in the Vatican square), including the Russian ambassador to the Holy See.

The Bishop of Rome denounces the conflict that has "hit many and makes everyone suffer, it causes fear and dismay in each".

He defines humanity as "exhausted and distorted". He asks the Lord to "inspire projects and ways of reconciliation" and "to preserve the world from the nuclear threat".

And then the strong request to Christ so that "the courage of dialogue and reconciliation prevail over the temptations of revenge and arrogance". Turning to Our Lady, he invokes the conclusion of the "war" so that it leaves room for "peace": "We therefore, Mother of God and ours, solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, in a special way to your Immaculate Heart. Russia and Ukraine ”. Bergoglio pronounces a mea culpa on behalf of all humanity: "With shame we say: forgive us, Lord" for having "forgotten the lesson of the tragedies of the last century, the sacrifice of millions of fallen in world wars. We have disregarded the commitments made as a Community of Nations and we are betraying the dreams of peace of the peoples and the hopes of the young ».

The Vatican media have spread the Pope's message to all the TV broadcasters in the world, using the web, youtube, satellite but also shortwave to make Francis' voice reach the Russians and Ukrainians, overcoming the barriers that have also been placed on the information in this war in the heart of Europe.

Parallel to prayer, the work of Oltretevere diplomacy also continues, focused above all on humanitarian corridors and the protection of children from the violence of battles.

Domenico Agasso

NP Aprile 2022

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