Aid for those fleeing the war

Publish date 28-07-2022

by Redazione Sermig

A few hours after the first appeal on social media, we experienced first-hand how strong the desire to help Ukraine is.

We have organized many such initiatives in the past, once again the response from Turin and many other Italian locations has been surprising. An endless procession of generosity has begun. Many people, alone or linked to associations, schools, parishes, have begun to call us to organize collections. Many have reached the Arsenal with a full trunk, ready to unload what they have collected. The tamtam does not stop, the telephone continues to ring to communicate the availability of young and old who want to get involved. Simple and generous people who want to demonstrate with their commitment that peace can have the last word.

What is happening is what the journalist Paolo Maggioni, of RaiNews, described so well: "The Arsenal of Peace disarms the war and fills the granaries".

Redazione NP

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In addition to the material, there were many messages of encouragement and thanks

I take the liberty of stealing a few minutes to tell you about the sensation I felt yesterday afternoon: arriving in the square, proud of the load on board the car and the imminent gesture, I was greeted by smiling young volunteers, full of positive energy, who in the blink of an eye they emptied the car. Maybe I was expecting some sort of applause or considerations / pleasantries of the case, but…. nothing in particular. So, a bit disappointed by the simplicity and speed of the moment, I am going to get back in the car.

A moment later, another loaded station wagon arrives; opposite, an infinite number of boxes were unloaded from a mighty minivan. A van still arrives that does not know where to park: I open my eyes and see a river of people with bags, nylon bags, bags full of goods. Projected into an incredible atmosphere, I forget any personal problem: I see volunteers quickly treat anyone with the same smile and energy, regardless of whether they pick up a single pack of pasta, or unload an entire van.

Being among you, even just for a few minutes, gave me a moment of crazy emotion!

Marcello, March 5




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