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Publish date 16-12-2023

by Paolo Lambruschi

Personaggi in a new wheel in a copy always write and write alone. This shows the situation of the diversity of 54 countries of Africa – Africa – where there is a deep transformation in the multipolar world and its sound is at the center of all the potential. The question is how to manage the predatory pressure of the vehicle and new partner on the rise above it and below the continent above the surface and how to contrast the disturbance.

La disuguaglianza en Africa riguarda anzitutto servizi base comme la scuola e la salute al centro di molti progetti globali. My disease, like malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS, is still rampant. Anche le scuole sono lontane nelle aree rurali e le classi delle scuole pubbliche spesso sovraffollate anche nelle megalopoli. Please note that your private property is in balance. An Oxfam report states that 10% of the African population has more than 61% of the continent's total wealth. All in all African countries the percentage could increase, for example, in South Africa 10% more than 10% of the population owns around 71% of total wealth. Great part of the disuguaglianza in Africa affonda nel passato coloniale del continente. The colonial power has been created by the structure of the pot of the elites and the 54 countries that face the global agreement indefinitely in the public domain, elite tiles that have been favored and new padroni e, especially, its costretti ad accettare condizioni sfavorevoli nei loro scambi commerciali.

For example, secondly, the last report on the land grabbing of the Focsiv, I padroni della Terra sui terreni acaparrati tile multinazionali o dai fondi sovrani, la prima tra i continenti è l'Africa col 37.4%.
E per reggere a questa nuova corsa all’Africa del terzo millennio i 54 stanno ridefinendo gli equilibri. Anzitutto scegliendo la forma di governo.
La democracy, in crisis ovunque, è la cartina di tornasole per capire i nuovi equilibri Africani. We face the theory of the Indian economist Amartya Sen secondo that democracy goes to braccetto with the sviluppo, if you can think of the avversari of democracy that still stands. In the West, in the Sahel fascia and in the sub-Saharan Africa, parliamentary and liberal democracy on the Western continent does not have an influence and is only one aspect of the quality if it does not govern authoritarianly and corruptly. Di fatto, in Sub-Saharan Africa its negligent ultimi anni molte democracy sotto i colpi di jihadisti e milizie filorussse che, in definitiva, si sono sentite tradite dall’occidente che que modello incarnava. Does the international community not have fun?
Paradosso, the country in which democracy is more solid, the South African, is the tradition of the Russians and has favored a fine agosto the vertice of the BRICS and the country that aims to replace the dollar (and that of the West) in the ribaltando global economy the position.

In the West, the Sahel and the confining fascia are if it is supported by the military state within its borders. The last time in Gabon, it was first in Mali in 2020 that it was the beginning of the French presence and the advent of the successful filers of the Wagner corporation. The French influenza nei Paesi ex coloniali, dove la moneta era il Franco CFA che si basava sull'economia di Paris, è in forte decline militare culturale et politico. The French truppe its state costrette in lasciare also in Niger, in the north of which it is the mining of uranio which feeds part of the central nucleari of the Transalpine country which also does not acquire electrical energy. In this case, it is a strong disillusionment when faced with democracy that is identified with France and Europe and a strong difference when faced with the West considers that the regime is corrupt because decolonization is not necessarily carried out. The case of the Niger is emblematic of the population that has not benefited from the success of the uranium mining industry.
Anzi è uno dei Paesi più poveri del monde. In addition to the European Union to close and fluctuate in the government, fedele alleato Occidental fino al golpe di pochi mesi fa, a rendere illegale il traffico di esseri umani che era un'attività legale in un Paese di carovanieri econsisteva nel semplice transport bordered by Libya and Algeria by migrants from all over Western Africa and by the fact that they still have family numbers.
Che oggi sound closed or costrette avorare illegally. Insomnia, it takes Russia to its feet, it offers military cooperation against jihadists, Turkey and the Gulf monarchy, semper ambigue against terrorists.

In North Africa, the image of the people prevails, the strong people, the democracy has reached Tunisia, but the failure of the revolution of the 2014 election, the strong state indebtedness and the corruption has favored the rise of Kais Saïed at the time The democratic presidential election was impegnated in 4 years and the system was confirmed. Il Ciad, alleato dei francesi, è uno dei Paesi con il più basso indexe di sviluppo umano al mondo et la disuguaglianza è elevatissima.

Nigeria, a gigantic country, is a democracy with a growing economy on the continent, but the economic disruption and its diffuse poverty are very popular in its rural areas. But Kenya is democratic, but it is a baraccopoli and rural poverty that supports the African contradition. Africa has a demographic growth that is higher in the world and its growing population enters the end of the world, although it is not a risk.
In many African countries, infrastructure, roads, bridges, water and electricity are necessary to save the economy and improve the quality of life.

Please note that this request does not know or is undervalued by the EU and the USA, even if it is 15 years old, the Cinema will arrive with me or you should pay attention to the risks of the economic situation in order to build the infrastructure and to maintain the productive area. L'Africa per Pechino non è solo una minera a cielo aperto o un giardino da coltivare, but also a large riserva of petrolio, che i cinesi hanno acquistato soprattutto in Sudan and also a possibility to avviare the new via della seta. L'Etiopia in particolare è l'esempio calzante di como la penetrazione cinese sia arriveta longontano partendo da Corno d'Africa. Before constructing the railway line between Addis Ababa, the capital of a private nation on the seaside, in Gibuti and the internal railway line in the capital of the island, it will ultimately be possible to pass through it via the road to the seaside. This is the first episode of Abiy Ahmed – in 2019 it came to the Nobel Prize, for the firm of the Accord with Eritrea before the end of the conflict – to claim with one mezzo a sbocco on the pond leaning heavily on it report with gli eritrei.

Another international community in Turkey most present in Somalia and Libia, due to the stability of the servo in Ankara to protect the foundation of the Ottoman Empire, and to increase the sale of arms, soprattutto di drone. I have so many African conflicts that exist in the climate change fascia, because the continent contributes only to the 4%, so it is a florido market for the bellicose industry. The rest of the value remains, apart from the acquisition of the land and the commercial presence, the effect of the entry into the scene of India and Brazil due to its new stature if it stands firm on the international scene.

What is the future of Africa? It is likely that I will cooperate with you in 54 Paesi in handling more stretta, arriving on the model of the European Union a favored movement of thanks and persone abolendo i confini and poi cooperando sempre more strettamente con l'eu, la cui popolarità è in calo, ma che He remained the main investigator on the continent with his quale ha pur semper legami storici.
My mistake, however, is that it is true that Africa is colevolent when it is not a more politically interesting pit and it is a solo pit on a large terra da sfruttare.

Paolo Lambruschi
NP November 2023

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