A wrong story

Publish date 10-04-2022

by Fabrizio Floris

It was October 2017 when the Embraco of Riva di Chieri di Torino ( Whirlpool group) took the decision to collectively dismiss all the workers because no one alternative scenarios "represented an appropriate solution to continue production at the plant".
An unacceptable prospect that immediately aroused a decisive reaction from workers and trade unions which led (March 2018) to a suspension of the layoffs and to start a process of reindustrialisation of the site (Minister Calenda). A new (Ventures) would have hired all the workers starting from January 2019, but in the meantime the plant was emptying and there was no sign of the new plants. We arrive in March 2019 (new government - Minister Di Maio), the company convinces the government that it needs more time and trust is renewed, but production continues to stand still. In the meantime, the erosion of the resources made available by Whirpool for reindustrialisation continues, and the deputy prosecutor of Turin, Marco Gianoglio, on 17 June 2020 filed for bankruptcy of Ventures Srl > assuming the crime of distracting bankruptcy.
In July the company was declared bankrupt. A new plan is launched through the company ACC Wanbao in Mel (Belluno), but still nothing happens from a formal and implementation point of view. February 2021 new government. The new company is not born and we are in July (2021) the workers should be fired, but it starts with the six-month extension of the fund.

And we arrive in November 2021, the bankruptcy trustee asks for an arrangement with creditors "the proposal cannot be modified". In short, it means that the Embraco plant in Riva di Chieri closes, the costs of bankruptcy are paid “in bonis” and the dismissed workers are given a good output of 7,000 euros gross. And while the workers continue to say they do not want shock absorbers, layoffs, but "we want to work", one wonders why no political party has linked its destiny to that of the workers, has not decided to stake its survival with that of the workers. workers: it would be the minimum, it would be the Republic, it would be everything and at the end of this sad story only silence would remain, but there is no time: the children at home cry, your love will warm them.

Fabrizio Floris
NP January 2022

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